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Spreading myself across the Internet like buttah

Yeah, I’m here on writing all types of serious shit and the occasional dead celebrity interview, but I’m all over the web, too. Check out what you’ve been missing:

I talked about music that you should be listening to over at MamaPop, focusing on the rap career of Donald Glover from Community, who performs as Childish Gambino, and the Millionaires, a hot-as-fuck pair of sisters with some catchy pop.

My list for the worst dads in television got some debate going, and, going way back to the end of August, I talked about some of the parody videos for the Jim Carrey loves Emma Stone weirdness that happened.

Parents who fail at being parents made me laugh and will probably give you a chuckle, and if you decide you want to be a winning parent, avoid these toys that are considered the “top toys” of the year, but I call bullshit.

Finally, over at Insert Eyeroll, I’ve got satire coming out of my ass:

And of course, if you’re not my friend on Facebook and following me on Twitter, you’re missing out on shit like this:

Tweet from Adam AvitableTweet from Adam Avitable about Phil CollinsTweet by Adam Avitable about marijuanaA tweet by Adam Avitable about vomit

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3 Replies to “Spreading myself across the Internet like buttah”

  1. Lora

    I’m not on Facebook or Twitter because I’m a social quitter, but I’m glad you are posting stuff like that and not stuff about lunch or omg how cool tv shows are.

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