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Don’t look any further for your Black Friday needs – I’ll be your huckleberry.

[Originally posted on 11/16/10. Slightly edited and reposted due to turkey-induced coma.]

Forget lining up outside Target or Walmart at midnight to get marginal deals on gifts that nobody needs. You can get all of your Black Friday needs met right here, with Crazy Avitable’s Black Friday Specials!

The Avitable 12-month calendar

6 months of nudity. 6 months of safety. Are you a risk-taker or are you some pansy who won’t be buying the hottest calendar to ever bear the name “Avitable”? Click the photo to order now – only $11.99, with the proceeds going to a local Orlando animal charity!

All payments are final. We accept major credit cards, photos of boobs, cookies, fudge, compliments on sexual technique, and cash.

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6 Replies to “Don’t look any further for your Black Friday needs – I’ll be your huckleberry.”

  1. LeSombre

    At first I was like: “Wow, only 7.99$ for some Avitable DNA… That’s a really cheap way to start my army of Avitable Clones” (Come on we all know what you did to that poor sock) but then I saw the 1.25$ pillow case and figured that was a way better deal.

    And that’s right, I put the dollar sign to the right.

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