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San Franvitable

Adam Avitable goes to San Francisco

The last time I went to San Francisco was with Amy for one of our anniversaries while we lived in LA.  We drove up, spent three days in Napa Valley, a day in San Francisco, and then traveled south to San Luis Obispo, where we stayed at this really cool place called The Madonna Inn (we stayed in the Caveman Room).  It was a beautiful city, and I’m looking forward to my visit there this weekend, but I just know that I’m not a touristy type of person.  I don’t like landmarks, don’t care about history, and hate feeling like a tourist in any scenario.  My time will be spent with friends and on my own, just enjoying the city in my own, personal way.

(I haven’t forgotten about the FRIENDS photo challenge – I’ll be keeping up with those and posting them once I get back.)

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35 Replies to “San Franvitable”

  1. Janet Hale

    San Francisco has much more to offer than the usual touristy type places and so many more cool-fun districts to explore. Try visiting the Mission district instead of the Haight or better yet troll Castro St., amazing food and drink can be found at both. Since you are not a sports fan I would avoid the south Embarcadero area as the SF Giants Fanfest is happening tomorrow at AT&T Park. There is also a clothing optional area at Baker Beach if you feel the need to be yourself. Weather wise you have a nice weekend to look forward to so get outside, have some fun and most of all enjoy! P.S. Be safe at night.

    • Avitable

      @Janet Hale, I ended up going to Muir Woods and one of Tom Colicchio’s restaurants. Also, I lived in LA and spent plenty of time in East Saint Louis – bad areas of town don’t really bother me or worry me.

    • Avitable

      @Krissy, some people do the touristy thing, which is cool because if you enjoy it, do it! For me, though, I don’t need to experience things in real life that I’ve seen on TV or online – my imagination is sufficient. 🙂

  2. Just Me

    I vote for eat ghirardelli, mostly because I can’t, and then i could live vicariously. But I guess no matter what you do, I’d be living vicariously because I also can’t visit San Francisco any time soon. So have fun!

  3. Anna Tyrone

    Fuck Napa – get your happy ass to Sonoma and go to the Benziger winery. Most beautiful place on the planet. Also, a hot guy works there. Not that you would care. Just a side note. Also, fuck San Francisco. (Sorry, I have a cold and just feel like telling the world to go eff itself. lol Plus I really didn’t like SF)

  4. Zippy Sandler

    My favorite way to explore any city is to do just what the residents do. To learn the citty from their perspective…grocery store, green markets, walking around, dining in neighborhood restaurants, and going for a drink at a neighborhood bar.

  5. Nichole

    I’ve never been to San Francisco, but if I ever go? I’ll probably go the Sleep -> Read a Book -> Sleep route. That’s pretty much what I do whenever I go anywhere. I know it’s cool to go explore and learn and such, but the quiet of the hotel room is usually too much for me to deny.

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