Adam Avitable as a guest on the Open Miked podcast

I’m a ramblin’ man. And an umming and errring man.

Open Miked” is a local Orlando podcast run by Mike Quinn, Jr., a current open mic comedian and Dr. “Dino” Derrick Paladino, a mental health counselor and professor of clinical mental health counseling.  The podcast, aptly named because it focuses on the local open mic community, also makes good use of Derrick’s background as a counselor to delve a little deeper into the psyche of each episode’s guest, and with Mike as the co-host, gives a deeper meaning to the name “Open Miked”.

I was fortunate enough to be a guest on the show back in June, and had a great time talking about the comedy scene in Orlando, about being an older yet new comic among a crop of young comedians, and about my life, my divorce, and the evolution of Apparently, I don’t know how to speak without saying “ummm” constantly, which is unprofessional and kind of pathetic, but otherwise, it’s a pretty decent hour-long podcast.

Adam Avitable as a guest on the Open Miked podcast

It’s hard for me to listen to podcasts normally, because if I’m working, I usually need to use the phone, or I’m just on the phone constantly, and I don’t drive enough that I can get through them in a timely manner; however, I love the concept and have even been wrestling with an idea of starting one of my own.  If you are someone who enjoys podcasts and you’ve been looking for something different, you should subscribe to them (here’s the iTunes link). If you just want to hear a fat guy talk about himself for an hour and how awesome he is, then you can listen through their site to my episode, or just play directly from the embed below. There is some bad language, so make sure your small children are with you and listening intently. They may learn something.

Thanks to Mike and Derrick for having me as a guest, even if you made me show up on a Saturday morning at 8 AM.  And that’s why people drive cars.

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4 Replies to “I’m a ramblin’ man. And an umming and errring man.”

  1. B.E. Earl

    Whenever I listen to one of our weekly radio shows on iTunes afterward, I’m always disappointed at how often I sniffle or make other odd noises while I’m talking. I don’t sound anything like how I think I sound. Ugh.

    I’ll check this out when I get a chance. I try to listen to at least one podcast a day while I’m working.

  2. Krëg

    Nice redundant pop-filter on that pictured microphone.
    Although, maybe it was more for your protection. I mean, who knows where that mic has been…

  3. Martini

    Since you’re so much about honesty, I want to tell you that your presence at Blissdom has ALWAYS been questioned and it’s not a comfortable thing having you there. You’re not going to be told not to come, but it’s embarrassing that you do show up. Oh and this comes from the top, which I’m sure will be denied because, come on what is she supposed to say” Yes I did tell her that” she needs to keep up appearances and all. But come one, this is not your crowd from the ethics/morals to the gender of 99.9 percent of the attendees. Your presence makes you appear like a letch that is totally clueless that he’s not welcome. Have you really never felt the “not wanted vibe?” Secondly you had an affair with Britt Reins aka miss-Britt is this why she and her husband left Florida? Does her husband know about the affair? I mean your friends with him on Facebook, that just CREEPY. Is the reason for your divorce from Amy? If so, that’s so, beyond crappy, and not nicer than you’d imagine once you read your blog kind of stuff. Honestly your blogHER trips are just as weird as the blissdom ones. There are blogging niches that you would be a better fit for, not sure if they exist but BlogHer and Blissdom are not it.

    • Avitable

      @Martini, I have never been to Blissdom, and I only went to Blissdom Canada after a personal invitation. I’ve been blogging for years and have a lot of friends who are bloggers, so for me, it’s a good chance to catch up.

      That’s all the reply you get, which is because I’m feeling generous. Usually anonymous trolls who don’t have the conviction in their words to give their real names don’t even get more than a “go fuck yourself” from me.

      Ah, the hell with is. Go fuck yourself.

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