Adam Avitable's BlogHer 2012 Packing List

My BlogHer 2012 Packing List

What to pack for BlogHer

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44 Replies to “My BlogHer 2012 Packing List”

  1. Dave2

    Well, well, well… look at Mr. Fancy Pants… using different razors for head, face, and balls! When FOX News talks about elitist snobs, I’m just going to picture you from now on.

    Errr… I mean picture your face and head. Not your balls. I’ve been Avitaballed so many times that your balls are already burned in my brain forever, God help me.

  2. Megan

    With that much lube you’ll have to check your bag, which will trigger an automatic hand search by the TSA, who will steal said lube and 255 of your condoms. Plus your ball razor.

    I’ll steal the $2,914. You can keep the .68.

  3. B.E. Earl

    Looks like you are packing for the XXX Summer Olympics in London. I’ve read that the Olympic village is one huge orgy. The lube and condoms might have come in handy.

    Too bad you are headed to NYC and BlogHer instead. Sad face. For you.

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