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A web series about blogging? Plus nudity? Who could resist?

Before today’s post, I wanted to wish my Canadian friends a happy Thanksgiving with this graphic I posted on Facebook. Also, if you haven’t had a chance, go read my funny Canadian Thanksgiving Q&A with the queen of fashion and shopping, Loukia!

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving - a graphic for Facebook

And now for the reason we’re here today – to talk about television. I love television. In the right hands, with good writing, good acting, and a powerful creative streak, television can be used to create some of the best entertainment out there. Of course, it can also be used to create unfunny cliched material that is filled with triteness and random coincidence and Ashton Kutcher or Charlie Sheen.

That’s why I’m happy to help a friend promote a project that she’s doing called BlogTHAT. Jessica Bern, writer at BernThis.com and recently divorced single mom living in Los Angeles, is developing BlogTHAT as a web series following a 42-year-old divorced mother of a three-year-old who is trying to find her “new normal”. Along with Deb Anderson and Maria McCann, Jessica has a Kickstarter campaign to raise money to shoot the pilot for a web series that promises to be quite funny.

They set their goal at $4,000 but soon realized that maybe they were a little too conservative in their funding estimates. The fundraising stops in the next eight days, and Jessica et al are hoping to raise additional money to see the pilot come to fruition with the highest quality possible.

Go here to support this worthy project, and depending on your donation, you may even get to have your Twitter handle read out loud in the series, or get a shoutout in the credits! I asked Jessica a few questions about the project as well:

Avitable: BlogTHAT is a web series based loosely around your life and your blog, BernThis.com. If you had to sum up BernThis in one or two words, what would you say?

Bern: Raw, Real

Avitable: Those are the same words I’d use to describe my amateur porn. Also: terrifying and oh god oh god why are you making me watch this? Reading your site, I’d like to say that it’s honest and funny, and those are two of the best things writing can be, in my opinion. If this were a series that you were not starring in but producing, who would you choose to play you (if you could choose anyone from any time or place)? And who do you think a studio would choose for you?

Bern: A studio would choose Jennifer Aniston. I get asked almost daily if anyone has ever told me I looked like her.

Who would I choose? Jennifer as well.  I have come to see how her actions, her facial expressions, etc. are a lot like mine or is it mine are like hers?

Avitable: She probably copied you. And I can see the resemblance! What makes BlogTHAT different from other series focusing on the single mom – what’s that unique hook that will make me watch? Is it nudity? Because, honestly, that got me to watch Spartacus: Blood and Sand for an entire season.

Bern: It’s about blogging, social media and what goes on in those worlds. There are millions of bloggers and pretty much everyone outside of my sisters uses a form of social media almost daily.  This is the first time the main character’s ‘job’ revolves around social media/blogging – oh and then there will of course be nudity…her dog will actually never be seen in anything but his birthday suit.

Avitable: Canine nudity? I’m sold! What are your three favorite TV shows? Who are your three favorite authors? Comedians?

Bern: Three favorite shows:  Dramas; Breaking Bad, Six Feet Under was incredible and NYPD Blue, never missed an episode and I have to be honest with you, I think Dennis Franz is hot.  Comedies:  Arrested Development,  Sex and the City, Curb Your Enthusiasm  Comedians? Brian Regan, Maria Bamford, Kathleen Madigan  all hilarious.

Avitable: I’ve been told that I have Franz’s ass, so you know, if you ever need a long-distance booty call, I’m all yours. Beyond the series, what is your ultimate goal? Mine is to marry Ke$ha.

Bern: Well, I guess marrying Ke$ha is out of the question as I am loathe to steal other fantasies, I mean, goals…cough.  So outside of that, I would be very content to have BlogTHAT be a success either on the web or on network TV, I would just want to “keep telling my stories in any form” as my writing partner Deb Anderson always says.

Avitable: IT’S NOT A FANTASY – *sob* – Is there anything that you find off-limits when you blog? Is there anything that was too sensitive that won’t be making the move to the web series?

Bern: Nothing is too sensitive when it comes to me but when it comes to my kid’s life, I am very careful what I share especially as she gets older.

Avitable: I can understand that. There are days when I think that I’m lucky I don’t have children, as they would be mortified by my every move and it would be immortalized on the Internet.  Do you have an actor to play your child? Can I audition? I’ll say one thing, though – I have to keep the beard and that’s non-negotiable.

Bern: I do have an actress to play my kid. She is the director’s daughter. She not only has talent but she is willing to do anything for her craft including but not limited to 1. shaving her beard and 2. emptying my dishwasher and 3. walking behind me 7 hours a day telling me I look like I’m 27.

Avitable: Well, she’s got three points on me. I hate emptying the dishwasher, too, and I was going to say that you look 25! Is there anything else you’d like to say, about the series, your blog, the Kickstarter campaign, or how sexy I am?

Bern: You are sexy, ice cream should be its own food group and the Kickstarter campaign ends on the 17th so if anyone wants to donate now is the time!

Go support Jessica and her team today!

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