I am voting for Barack Obama for President in 2012

Why I’m Voting For Barack Obama In The 2012 Presidential Election

I try to avoid political discussions. Religions and politics tend to be topics where the arguments are filled with passion and blind faith backed by little factual evidence, and convincing the other party to change his or her mind has an almost infinitesimal chance of success. Typically, when the conversation turns to politics, I turn away.

So why write about my choice for President of the United States of America and start this conversation? It’s not for the undecided voters – if you still haven’t made up your mind about where your vote is going, you’re an idiot. It’s not for the decided voters – as I said above, I’m not going to change your mind if you disagree. It’s for me.

This post is the beginning, the end, and the extent of my political conversation. I’m going to vote, I know who is getting my vote, and here’s why. I’m not going to argue about it, and I’m not going to engage you in any other way beyond this post and its comments.  Read my words and react how you will – agree, disagree, be indifferent, get enraged, whatever. I’m making my opinion clear and I’m leaving it at that.

At first glance, I would seem to be the perfect Republican. I am a highly educated single white heterosexual male who owns a small business and earns an upper middle class income. I come from a traditional family with a mother and father who are still happily married after thirty-seven years. I want to get remarried someday and have children of my own, and I want them to grow up in a world of security and prosperity.

However, I place more importance on my children growing up in a world of tolerance and unconditional love where we respect the differences of others, not fear and hate them. Where someone’s race, gender, religion, or sexual orientation doesn’t make them an object of ridicule or prejudice. Where the Bible isn’t used inappropriately and inaccurately as a weapon of hate. A world that prides itself on being a global community of human beings, not a jingoistic xenophobe’s paradise comprised of us versus them.

I want a government that is there to support me, not tell me what I can or cannot do in my own home and bedroom. I want to know that if I were to become destitute, I could count on my government to make sure I stayed healthy, nourished, and motivated to change my situation. And I want a government that actually works together to improve our way of life instead of engaging in ideological saber rattling that hurts us all.

Over the past four years, I have seen President Obama try to compromise and work with Congress to help this country, and I have seen his opponents act ignorantly and prevent him from accomplishing as much as he could, just because they are from a different political party. Who are these people that are so arrogant that they put their own ideology ahead of the desperate needs of the American people? When did the welfare of our own country become second to the aspirations of those in Washington?

I remain impressed that, despite the blatant bigotry, machinations and illogical actions of an opposing party that has gone off the rails, President Obama managed to stop our economy in mid-freefall and reverse its direction. He has demonstrated a foresight and wisdom that saved both the automotive and banking industries even while fighting an uphill battle against members of both parties who were focused purely on re-election. But that’s not why I’m voting for Barack Obama in November.

I am voting to re-elect President Obama because of the future. Years from now, I want to be able to tell my child that yes, there was a time when some Americans were treated like second-class citizens and provided fewer rights just because they happened to be homosexual. And yes, all Muslims used to be called terrorists even though the religion of Islam is a peaceful one. And yes, as strange as it may seem, in the past, you could actually go bankrupt and die from a perfectly treatable illness because not every American had comprehensive medical coverage. I want my child to be able to look in my eyes and see that during that time of ignorance, intolerance, and blind hatred, I voted with my heart and my conscience, not, as some will this November, with irrational fear and misplaced indignation.

Our world will never be a perfect one. It can, however, be a tolerant and loving one, and in my opinion, that’s the only type of world to vote for.

I am voting for Barack Obama for President in 2012

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43 Replies to “Why I’m Voting For Barack Obama In The 2012 Presidential Election”

  1. Neena

    I don’t agree with your voting choice, but I must give you props for how you presented it. This might be one of the first times I’ve read a political post that didn’t come out attacking others and that takes class. You’ve got class, my friend.

  2. Loukia

    Amazing post. Well said. You should find a TV station that’ll let you go on-air and read this. Like you said, it probably won’t change the minds of the undecided, but still. It’s a powerful message. Related, this type of world you’ve written about exists in Canada, too. Which is why I’m happy to be a Canadian. 🙂
    I hope most Anericans vote like you do!

  3. Alan Labovitz

    Well Said. I’m in my 70’s and this is the first election I face with trepidation. The people who call themselves Republicans today are very scary and I believe they are hell bent on the ruination of America as we know it. Keeping President Obama is essential. I wasn’t going to rant here but I’m really pissed off about this. Thanks for the post.

  4. Mari

    I value the way you presented your opinion. Not rude and angry, but succinct and thoughtful. And while I will vote the same way as you, I would have appreciated your point of view even if it were different because of your classy approach.
    Which is NOT something I would’ve ever thought to say about a complete stranger that has shown me (and everyone else) his balls more than once. Go figure.

  5. Uncle Gerry

    You have a niche business which appears immune to economic cycles and therefore has not suffered from the epic economic incompetence of the last 4 years.

    The ‘intolerance’ you speak of is a $400 million myth created by the Chicago machine to divert attention from the economy. When Romney speaks directly without the noise created by most of the media the myth is exposed for what it is.

    Without this mythology about Romney and the GOP, Obama is left with his non plan leading to big government economic mediocrity. Every group , miniscule or not wants economic opportunity, that’s why the polls are turning.

    Drinking Koolaid is not good for your future children

  6. Allyson

    Normally, you know, I would be all over your list of reasons and pointing out why each one is a lie propagated by the campaign heads and liberal media. But this year it has come to my attention, the entire outfit is corrupt. The Democrats, the Republicans, the liberal, the conservative, the voters, the media, the candidates, the senate, and the house…. every piece of what we call our Federal Government – from the electoral process, to the powers and who wields them – is absolutely corrupt. And so, this year, I haven’t the heart to disillusion you or your fellow voters.

    • Uncle Gerry

      @Allyson, you’re under the impression that this is all about you just because you have a vote.

      I’ve concluded that this all a media exercise with the candidates and voters mere players.

      How else can all of these telegenic nitwits make 6 or 7 figures without selling lots of commercials and creating a lot of drama?

      A Prez election is a media World Cup with the losers going back to obscurity. My feeling is that Rachel, Lawrence and Ed will be back in the faculty lounge. Who knows what Rev Al will do.

  7. Becky

    I have to admit, I spit coffee all over my screen after reading

    “I want to get remarried someday and have children of my own, and I want them to grow up in a world of security and prosperity.

    However, I place more importance on my children”…..

    I’m not sure I’ll ever get used to Avitable and children in the same sentence let alone the same house.
    After last night, I’m voting for Big Bird to ride off on a horse with a bayonet and his nest.

  8. mandy

    YUP. Very well said. I’ve come to the conclusion that if someone cannot trust me to make the right decision with my body/reproductive health or cannot trust people to choose the right partner for them whether they are the opposite or same sex, then I cannot trust them with my country because these ideas are too basic to get past.

  9. PottyMouthMommy

    Love this! I’m not a citizen of the United States, and every day I thank the God I don’t personally believe in for that fact. I am baffled every time I hear some of the most asinine bullshit coming from the mouths of people who are charged with the governance of your entire country. I can’t even fathom how someone who is supposed to be well educated and an example to others can possibly think some of the things that have been said by Republican party members. (legitimate rape? are you f’n kidding me???!!!) If I was an American, you can bet your ass I’d vote for Obama!

  10. Uncle Gerry

    Sounds like many of you are thinking that a vote for Obama will do something to cure bigotry,discrimination etc. and that competent management and leadership are secondary.

    No human can do this, nevermind someone who couldn’t run a hot dog stand and has failed to accomplish anything, real world or otherwise in the last 4 years

    If you’re right and he wins, will you
    please pray to him to get rid of Mosquitos?

  11. Sheila

    ****I AM ENRAAAAAAAAAAAAAGED!!!!!!!!!!!!!****

    Just kidding.

    But really, what’s peace and love when your kids don’t have any food because you can’t get a job? The government can’t take care of everyone. It just can’t.

    I get what you’re saying though – and I’m glad you’re not being an asshole. I wouldn’t go so far as to you’re classy or anything but yeah – definitely not an asshole. This time, at least.

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