Comedy Showcase in Cocoa Beach at Gregory's Comedy Club

Why you should support your local comedy scene, especially if you live in Orlando

The greater Orlando area has a tremendous comedy scene. There are five+ Bonkerz rooms, an Improv, privately owned rooms like Gregory’s Comedy Club (where I’m the house emcee) and Winner’s Circle, and at least one open mic or showcase a night, every day of the week.

It’s a rough estimate, but I would guess that in the greater Orlando metro area, including Volusia, Brevard, Seminole, Orange, Osceola, and Lake counties, there are at least 100 stand-up comedians. Many of them may only perform in an open mic environment, never progressing beyond that, but there are many comics who host, feature, and headline regularly, both in Florida and around the country.

If you live anywhere in the vicinity of Central Florida, you should support your local comedy scene. Some of these comedians will be people you’ll see later in life, as actors in television shows or movies, as writers, crafting screenplays or novels, as musicians, performing in venues across the country, or as innovators in the world of comedy, creating new ways to make audiences think and laugh.

There’s the Good At Bad Decisions comedy tour, comprised of Larry Fulford, Nick Pupo, Clay Robertson, Luke Swiderski, and Alex Luchun, who have been making a name for themselves as they work in indie venues around Florida.

There’s Jiggy and his parody golf music video, “Lob Wedge”, which was featured on the Golf Channel’s website:

From Marie George and Sara Nowak’s 2 Broken Grrrls to Tom Feeney and Joe Chlapowski’s Spacebar Comedy Showcase, comedians from Orlando take the initiative when it comes to forging their own paths, building audiences, opening rooms, and using every possible avenue to demonstrate their humor and creativity.

When you are looking for something fun to do in Orlando (or Cocoa Beach or Daytona Beach or anywhere else that you may want to have fun), try searching for comedy before you go to the movies or to a bar or a restaurant. The chance to watch new and emerging comics honing their craft is one you should pursue whenever it’s available.

For example, on Saturday, August 31st, in Cocoa Beach, I am putting on a comedy showcase at Gregory’s Upstairs Comedy Club that is a first for the club. For years, Gregory’s has been known for performances by nationally touring headliners every Thursday and Friday, but August 31st will be its first Saturday show ever.

Rather than the normal ticket price of $12, I am selling tickets for only $5 online ($7 at the door), and we will be showcasing some of the best emerging comedians in Central Florida.

Some of these names will be names that you’ll see on marquees and on Comedy Central in years to come, so now is the time to see them before they command $150 a ticket in a giant amphitheater.

Comedy Showcase in Cocoa Beach at Gregory's Comedy Club

In addition to seeing me perform, as host of the show, you will also get to see the following comedians:

Sam Basinger
Todd Bogue
Jacoby Bruton
Craig Chamberlin
Sean Finnerty
Marie George
Ross McCoy
Ramon Molledo
Devin Siebold
Chris P Weldon

You can buy tickets online right now and support live comedy in Central Florida! Or you can just sit at home and stare at a wall and wish you had laughter in your life. Which sounds better to you?

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