Ben Affleck is Batman

In defense of Ben Affleck as Batman

It’s the news that almost broke the Internet in half. In the upcoming Batman/Superman film, by Zack Snyder and David Goyer, slated for a July 2015 release, Ben Affleck has been cast as Batman.

People have been less than enthused:

Ben Affleck as Batman

Petition to remove Ben Affleck as Batman

Maybe I’m in the minority. Maybe I’m the only one. Maybe I’m an idiot. But, you know what? I think Ben Affleck will be an excellent Batman. And here are six reasons why:

1. Ben Affleck genuinely loves comic books and superheroes.

Ben Affleck loves comic books

For years, Affleck has talked about his love for comic books. From playing a fanboy in Chasing Amy to George Reeves in Hollywoodland to Daredevil himself, he demonstrates a love and, even more importantly, a respect for the world of the comic book universe. This means that he will give this role the gravitas that it deserves.

2. Ben Affleck can do dark and mysterious.

Ben Affleck is serious

Both The Town and Argo have demonstrated Affleck’s ability to be quiet, dark, conflicted, filled with inner demons, and filled with a capacity for violence. He knows how to exude a dangerous edge and potential for explosive physicality at a moment’s notice.

3. Ben Affleck will get in shape and train for the role.

Ben Affleck is physical

Say what you will about Daredevil, but Affleck trained 3-4 hours a night to get in shape for the role and also worked with blind trainers to try to understand what it is like to operate as a sightless person. He has the capability to bulk up and become an older, boxier Batman or trim down and go for the lithe, ninja-like Batman. Either way, he will dedicate himself to training until he has the body and skills he needs to be an effective Batman.

4. Ben Affleck understands Bruce Wayne.

Ben Affleck is Bruce Wayne

The man’s worth over 75 million dollars. He could literally go out and buy a small island just for himself. He came from very humble beginnings so you know that he appreciates the position he is in now. He donates to multiple charities and is very active in helping feed families who can’t feed themselves. He’s demonstrated a playful and fun attitude and knows how to simultaneously have a good time while also being serious. With the small exception of the fact that his parents weren’t gunned down, Affleck is Bruce Wayne.

5. Ben Affleck understands Batman.

Ben Affleck is Batman

As he has grown older, Affleck has illustrated his ability to show a range of emotion. His acting in The Town, Hollywoodland, and Argo, to name a few recent films, was beyond reproach. Batman is, at his core, a tortured man who works tirelessly to prevent anyone else from suffering the way that he did. He is driven, brilliant, analytical, and obsessed to the point of madness. The character of Batman has well-defined characteristics and emotional strengths and weaknesses that can be identified and developed into such a way that Affleck will be able to easily step into the role of being Batman.

6. Ben Affleck has a lot to prove.

Ben Affleck as Daredevil

Time and time again, Affleck has shown that when he fails, whether it’s critically or with regards to the box office, he doesn’t run away. He practices, trains, and shows up out of nowhere, blowing expectations out of the water and surprising his harshest critics. This is likely going to be one of the biggest movies of the decade, and if there is one actor who knows the burden of meeting the needs of executives, fans, critics, and the general public, it’s Ben Affleck. He’s earned respect and trust by working hard and providing excellent examples of his dedication and skills, and I can’t wait to see him as Batman.

So there you go. Six solid, incontrovertible reasons that Ben Affleck will make an excellent Batman. And I managed to write this entire post without saying that Affleck was the bomb in Phantoms!


In the end, though, I urge everyone to stop getting so ridiculously stupid about this. It’s just a movie, and even then, there are talented people working on it, and maybe if we had faith in the process instead of being whiny nitpickers, we’ll be able to enjoy a fun, breathtaking action movie that makes us all happy.

Finally, even though this is not a court of law, the court of public opinion can be much harsher, so I’ll just say this: Innocent until proven Gigli.

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18 Replies to “In defense of Ben Affleck as Batman”

  1. beearl

    I saw someone mention on Twitter that the Internetz went crazy when Heath Ledger was cast as the Joker, so…yeah, we should all calm the fuck down.

    What we should be upset about is that Hollywood is making yet ANOTHER Superman film for some reason. I wonder if anyone is going to use kryptonite against him. (Not wondering at all. Of course they will…but I will settle for Batman kicking his ass while wearing a kryptonite exo-skeleton suit.)

  2. Sheila

    It bothered someone so much that they submitted a petition to the White House to ban Affleck from being Batman. The petition has since been removed but still. Seriously, people? (Here is the link to the now-removed petition –

    If that picture of Ben Affleck up there is of him *not* in shape, the odds of me being shallow enough to see this movie simply for the eye candy just increased exponentially.

    I may actually wind up seeing it just to help it succeed and further infuriate the masses.

  3. Hockeymandad

    I agree with you, I think he will do just fine. I think perhaps having a true fanboy on set will help the screenwriters do a better job. People are having some fun with the news at his expense, but those idiots will be sitting next to us in the theater when it comes out!

    Snootch to the mothafucking hooch!

  4. Dave2

    1. I genuinely like space exploration. It doesn’t immediately qualify me to be an astronaut.

    2. Being able to project these qualities on a human being does not automatically transfer to being able to project these qualities on a man dressed as a giant bat… it’s an entirely different ballgame.

    3. Hopefully the writer(s) will write in a lot of shirtless scenes then… otherwise all that hard work will be completely obscured by the Bat-Suit, which is covered in muscles (hell, if Michael Keaton could pull it off, ANYBODY can).

    4. Odd that your “one exception” is the only one that really matters. Any number of actors could do the billionaire playboy act in their sleep. It’s having the tragedy of his parents murder driving him… always under the surface… defining who he is… that’s who Bruce Wayne IS. Everything else is a façade.

    5. I agree Affleck’s recent roles have been well-crafted. But look at the WAY he demonstrated his “range of emotion” in those roles. Does any of it translate to a guy almost completely covered in a restrictive suit and whose head will be almost entirely covered by a cowl? The origin story has already been covered. He’s not stepping into the tragic story of a man whose parents were brutally murdered and he’s figuring out how to deal with it. He’s stepping directly into the shoes of Batman, and that’s going to be anything but “easy” for ANYBODY… let alone Ben Affleck. Sure he’s a capable actor. Maybe even a good actor. But he is hardly remarkable nor easily adaptable. Even at his best, he doesn’t really disappear into a role.

    6. Now you’re really reaching. Name one actor who appeared in a bomb or got a bad review that DIDN’T attempt to crawl their way back. The problem is, not everybody is as well-connected as Ben Affleck. You’re making it sound like after Gigli he stopped working to enroll in Stella Adler Studio… or started slumming it up in some low-budget television drama to hone his craft. No he didn’t. Not even close! He used his connections to keep making movies. He was given the luxury of experience to hone his craft and improve his skills.

    Look, my argument is not that Ben Affleck won’t put his heart into being the best Batman he can be. And I am fully open to the possibility that he may even be great in the role as he has been in many others (I enjoyed Daredevil, so anything can happen… how the hell would I know?). But ultimately it comes down to this: There were far, far better choices than Ben Affleck for this part, and he should have never been cast… and I take no pleasure in saying this, as I honestly do like him as an actor. But he’s NOT the DC Cinematic Universe Batman, and no amount of praise, wishful thinking, window dressing, chirpy optimism, or blind faith in Zack Snyder is going to change that.

    And yet nothing would make me happier than to eat those words, so I guess we’ll have to waut and see.

  5. Jess

    I love Christian Bale as batman, but I understand that this is a different direction for the new film. I’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt, and I’m even more optimistic now thanks to this post lol.

  6. Homemaker Man

    I don’t really think it matters anymore who is in the role of Batman. It’s become a non-descript lantern jawed movie star kind of role. However, I will say that Ben is a much better director than actor. His work in Argo was kind of hammy, which is an improvement over the majority of his work. Which was rather hammy.

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