I don’t believe in God.

I don’t believe in God.

I can’t.

Do you believe your God is the right one? That you’ve chosen the right religion? That every other person in the world who has made the decision, conscious or otherwise, to have a different set of beliefs, is wrong, and you’re right?

I can’t believe in God.

Do you think there’s an actual entity out there who tells you what to think, who’s decided what’s going to happen in your life, who cares if you call out his or her name in times of pain or in exultation of happiness?

The intensity of Adam Avitable


“Mysterious ways” is nothing more than a catch-all excuse for the unanswerable, inexplicable evil that happens to humanity on a daily basis.

Oh, he’s not an old white guy with a big beard to you? YOUR religion is more advanced than that? He’s a presence that flows through you? He’s an invisible hand that guides you through making the right choices in life? But if he’s creeping  through your veins, what’s flowing through those other people over there with a different group of beliefs who think they’re also acting in the name of Someone?

Why are you right? Why are they wrong? Faith? Arrogance? Or is faith just another way to paint the sin of arrogance?

Maybe your conscience is just your conscience. Maybe it’s a construct made from social awareness and developed with morality taught to you by your family and peers and television and social media. Maybe your instinct is about survival and reproduction and nothing more. Maybe the invisible person you talk to at night doesn’t exist or isn’t yours to talk to because there’s another sect of believers who are more right than you. Or maybe it’s just your subconscious guiding you to make good choices.

I’ve studied religions in depth. The patterns and repetition from one to another are obvious. But each one claims ownership over your soul. THE ONE TRUE whatever.

Each religion (except for YOURS of course, god forbid) can’t be right. They can’t all be wrong.

Let’s take a huge leap.

Let’s imagine that there is something out there who gave each of us the spark that makes us different from the monkeys and the rocks and the stars and the dolphins. We’ll call it God.

Does God care about you?

Does God care about YOU?

Does God care about each decision you make and what makes you a good person based on the moral guidelines of your society during the extremely finite time period during which you’re alive?

Does God decide where your spark goes after you become nothing more than a rotting body?



Do you think – can you possibly imagine – that maybe whatever it is that created us (if we continue with this theory) is so vast and powerful and eternal and all-encompassing that NOT ONLY can you not even come close to comprehending a fraction of a piece of a minuscule portion of what it is, BUT neither can any of these self-appointed leaders who use human-created (extremely flawed human-created) documents and stories to anthropomorphize something that they should never even have had the fucking arrogance to try to put into words?

Believe in yourself. Reach in and pull out your heart and soul and look deep inside and realize that you have the potential to do good within our world on your own. Be a good person because you enjoy the reward that comes from helping others. Treat your fellow humans how you hope others would treat you. Behave in a way that you would like to see others behave. Love others. Trust them. Be honest and open your hearts and homes to the world.

But don’t do it because of a god. Don’t you dare have that arrogance to think you know what the fuck you’re talking about. You don’t. None of us do.

I don’t believe in God. I don’t think your religion is right. I don’t think it’s wrong, either. I think we’re all right. We’re all wrong. Everybody gets a heaven of his or her own, based on his or her pocket religion. Your parents like McDonald’s and you like Burger King and your neighbor is a vegan and there are kids in Africa who will never eat fast food. Who’s wrong?

Because ultimately, we’re in charge of what we do for our lives, and after that?

It’s up to . . . .

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3 Replies to “I don’t believe in God.”

  1. Wizz Kely

    Funny, no one forces anyone to choose what to believe in. I don’t believe in God- i gat my reasons, i do believe in God i gat my reasons too. Kidding bro, buh some guys has got the real thing about God…. check out Africa, check out our magics, check out our occults…. them’re not illusions men,

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