January at the Beach


I don’t like the beach.

A blistering heat burns down on you with little to no breeze while tiny grains of sand grow exponentially every time they grind into your helpless body. The water offers no respite unless you enjoy emerging from the crashing waves coated in a salty layer that ensures you will stick to anything and everything for the immediately forseeable future. It’s not refreshing or relaxing, and it involves more work than it’s ever worth.

But when the night before was also the year before and they both ended in disappointment and frustration, maybe you decide to accept the invitation of friends to go to the beach for the day. You pack a towel and a change of clothes and sunscreen that you didn’t even realize you had in the house, and you give up control for the day by crawling into someone else’s backseat and letting her, she who curses a helluva lot more than you expect Jesus did, take the wheel.

Your friends are boisterous, obnoxious, and hilarious, mocking each other and everyone around them in a cartoonish fashion. “YOU’RE AN ADULT” one gleefully screams at a man struggling with a cooler on wheels across the sand. Looks are thrown and instantly deflected as the Amazon wields her obvious pregnancy as a shield. You all laugh uproariously at absolutely nothing at all.

The heat is bad, but not unbearable, thanks to an intermittent breeze. The sand washes down the drain of the nearby outdoor shower, and you realize maybe it’s not the villain you had in your head. You climb back into the backseat, happy. “Where to next?”

You like the beach.

A selfie on the beach with Adam Avitable

This is my first post in a series which will be my attempt to write something every single day of 2016 here on Avitable.com. Will I be able to do it? You’ll only know if you subscribe using the form below!

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