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The best and worst things audiences can say to comedians after a show

I’m sitting here with my buddy, comedian Mike Brocki, who’s in town from Charleston. The conversation always turns to comedy – best shows, worst venues, terrible comedians, and, of course, the positive and negative things that we hear from audience members  after a show that make us hate the world with a dragony Sean Connery-voiced passion or love the world with a James-Bondy Sean Connery-fueled passion.

Here are the worst things any audience member can say to a comedian after a show (along with our replies):

  • Here’s a joke my uncle tells. Maybe you can use it in your skit.
    If I wanted to tell a bunch of hacky racist jokes, I’d just listen to MY uncle. And it’s not called a skit. It’s a set. A SET.
  • I liked the one you told about .
    Maybe if you hadn’t been on your phone the whole night, you wouldn’t have confused my material with the one told by the skinny gay black comedian.
  • My girlfriend thought you were great.
    I’d say that at least one of you has taste, but then again, she’s dating YOU.
  • Just keep at it.
    Thanks, Dad.
  • You should watch [famous comedian] and try to do what he does.
    Yeah?  You think I should do that instead of watch the audience and see how they respond to my material and adjust it accordingly? It all makes sense now!
  • Will you take my photo with the other comedian?
    No. I hope you drive your car into a concrete embankment at high speeds.
  • [after complimenting everyone else] Hey, you weren’t bad either.
    I hope you’re in the car too.
  • You shouldn’t say that [offensive word or touchy topic].
    You shouldn’t say THAT.
  • What’s your real job?
    What’s a job?
  • My friends tell me I’m hilarious.
    They’re wrong.
  • If you could follow me around, you would have so much material.
    No, I wouldn’t. Your life is NOTHING.
  • Do you write your own material?
    Yes. I also tie my own shoes and wipe my own ass.
  • Do you validate parking?
    I hope you’re in the car with the other two.
  • If I did comedy, I would just say whatever comes into my head.
    Yes. Please do that. I want to see it. I’ll bring the popcorn.
  • I wasn’t heckling, I was trying to help.
    No, you were trying to impress your friends with your wit, failing miserably, and becoming a contender for Douchebag of the Year. Helping would have been sitting there, watching the material I’ve spent years working on, and either laughing or not laughing. I don’t care which.
  • Do you get paid for this?
    Not nearly enough to deal with you.

And the best things any audience member can say to a comedian after a show (along with our replies):

  • Great job!
    Thank you!
  • I really enjoyed it!
    Thank you!
  • You were really funny!
    Thank you!
  • Can I buy some of your merchandise?
  • Will you have sex with my wife while I watch?
    Not again! But sure!
  • I want to come back and bring my friends.
  • You remind me of [good famous comedian].
    Thank you!
  • I didn’t realize how funny people could be even if they’re not famous?
  • Would you like a blowjob?
  • I was having a shitty day and you made my day.
  • I’m so glad I came out tonight.
    Me too!

Keep this in mind to ensure that you have a great comedy-going experience and don’t end up driving into a concrete embankment! Right, Mike?

Mike Brocki, 2015's South Carolina's Funniest Comedian

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