Ninety Minutes of Avitable: My Storytelling Show

In January, I told you about the amazing opportunity I had in Melbourne, where the owner of Open Mike’s gave me an hour and a half to just tell stories. Like an autobiographical one-man show, this was a chance for me to branch out from comedy a little and see if I could be interesting and entertaining beyond being shocking and telling dick jokes.

You be the judge. I’ll say that the first half is rougher than the second half, because I had no idea what I was doing, but in the end, I’m proud of this as my first effort, and can’t wait for another opportunity to bring this unique show to life in another venue. Next time you have 90 minutes and want to listen to someone talk about marriage, divorce, death, affairs, love, loss, pain, depression, anxiety, happiness, and comedy, I present to you “Tales From The Avitable Camp For Wayward Women.” Thanks to John Sluder for shooting it, Mike Della Cioppa for letting me perform, and David Alan and Em Strange for performing!

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