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Dating Kinda Sucks is an honest and raw podcast about dating, sex and relationships, hosted by Adam Heath Avitable and Sarah G. Hear their stories, get advice, and learn how to navigate the tricky world of interpersonal relationships.

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The Angel at the Starlite Motel is a true crime podcast about a Florida exotic dancer and escort, Mandi May Jackson, and her life leading up to her arrest and conviction of the murder of strip club manager Jimmy Mulrenin, as written by an anonymous man who is obsessed with her. 

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Dating Kinda Sucks is an honest and transparent podcast about dating, sex, and relationships, hosted by Sarah G. and Adam Heath Avitable. It began in March 2018 after a drunken conversation between the two hosts ended with those fateful words: “We should start a podcast.”

Every week, the pair tackle topics from serious to silly, all in an attempt to make the world of interpersonal relationships a little easier on everyone else. They share true stories of their experiences and open themselves up with raw discussions about love, loss, and lust. 

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Never a dull moment!
Adam and Sarah are hilarious! They are straight-up and keep it real while verbalizing what all of us are probably thinking (but afraid to admit)! It’s nice to get a different perspective when trying to decipher the dating world and all of its nuances, and realizing just how crazy online dating has become. Thanks for this fun, real and informative podcast!!”


Great Podcast
Sarah and Adam have open-minded conversations about dating while including constructive criticism. Sex, feelings, moist situations, and profiles! Nothing is left unturned, and plenty of humor accompanies deep morality. Grab a glass of wine! Stay awesome guys and thank you! KC”


In 2015, an anonymous 43-year old man had sex with 19-year old Mandi May Jackson in a seedy Miami motel room after finding her escort ad on Five years later, after she’s been arrested and convicted of the murder of Orlando strip club manager Jimmy Mulrenin, he wrote a book detailing his intimate encounters with Mandi and his life with her leading up to her conviction. He thinks she’s innocent, and your host and narrator, Adam Heath Avitable, isn’t too sure. Listen to this crazy, compelling, and intense story about murder, drug running and prostitution up the Florida coast.


“Bound to be Epic
So you’re telling me you went on a date with a girl who later murdered some guy she was on a date with? And she has a psycho stalker who is convinced she is innocent and wrote a book to prove it? And now you are reading it? This is going to be awesome.

Especially because Adam has a soothing voice that makes even murder sound reassuring.”