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Using his law degree, experience as a college professor, and years as a professional writer, social media consultant, and blogger, Adam Heath Avitable can write for any industry or profession in a way that is compelling, approachable, and engaging, without being condescending or overly informal. He is capable of breaking down complex topics into simple and consumable bites for the layperson, crafting content that uses keywords while also incorporating everyday language to appeal to any reader, and tackling difficult topics with a tact and sensitivity appropriate for a diverse audience.

Whether you need a copywriter or an editor, daily social media content, a weekly newsletter, a monthly magazine, or an entire rewrite of your website that maintains a consistent tone and is true to the original branding, Avitable will work with you to accomplish your goals. He has written compelling pieces for an extremely diverse group of industries that include the following:

  • Recreational Vehicle Manufacturing and Sales
  • Corporate Travel Planning
  • Commercial Farm Real Estate
  • Hospice Care Referral Service
  • Long Distance Family Pet Moving
  • Membership-Based Barbershop Services
  • Low-Income Patient-Friendly Optometrist
  • Security System and Alarm Monitoring
  • Basement Conversion and Renovation
  • Adult Friendly Subscription Services
  • Home and Office-Based Organizational System Design
  • Low-Level Consumer-Friendly Cryptocurrency
  • Residential Hauling and Dumpster Rental
  • Medical Supply Delivery Services
  • Emerging Technologies in Athletic Training

Consistent content is essential for any business to gain a foothold on the Internet, and only through putting in the time, effort, and resources to have a social media and web presence that produces dynamic, variable content will you be able to survive. 

View his portfolio here.

The password is his last name, backwards (lowercase).

fee range


*Project rates available

Types of work

  • Social Media Content (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn)
  • Weekly Articles for your Company Website
  • Regular Newsletter to Employees, Customers, Vendors, or Prospective Leads
  • SEO-Friendly Rewrite of your Entire Website
  • Press Releases
  • Letters to Shareholders, Employees, Customers, or Others
  • Business Plans
  • Magazines (Electronic or Print)
  • Letters from the President
  • Product Instructions
  • Scripts for Radio or Video
  • Analysis of Detailed Research
  • White Papers
  • Any and all Copy Writing, Editing, and Content Creation

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