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About Avitable

Adam Heath Avitable is a darkly funny comedian, wickedly smart writer, and former lawyer and entrepreneur with a widely diverse range of skills related to connecting and engaging with audiences. From going viral worldwide both as an internationally touring stand-up comic and as a college professor to producing and co-hosting the award winning relationship podcast “Dating Kinda Sucks,” he has gained a reputation for being bluntly honest and transparent to a fault, even to his own detriment.

He has written books, started businesses, set his life on fire, gotten married, gotten divorced, spoken at conferences, headlined casinos, taught workshops, performed for thousands, and written for millions, creating content that made readers cry, laugh, or even pick up their pitchforks.

For almost 20 years, he has written and continues to write thousands of resumes and cover letters for almost every industry imaginable. Adam hired and trained resume writers, taught career counselors, led resume workshops, and even wrote a book on resumes. He views resume writing as an art and relishes the opportunity to paint an elegant portrait of someone’s career using as few words as possible.

As a wedding officiant, he is playful, drafting highly personal ceremonies that resonate deeply with the couple while remaining respectful to the tradition of marriage. His comedy and storytelling shows, morbid discussions of his life stories, feel real because they are. And his writing morphs to suit the purpose, from sales to marketing, informative to persuasive, personal to professional.

Avitable is a creative polymath and an entertainer at heart. His photography has appeared in art shows throughout Florida, his writing has gotten him attention from audiences worldwide, and his voice fills the homes of thousands weekly. Whatever your project may be, he can do it. Contact him today.

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